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Flexible Optical Fiber Ribbon Optaccess TOMOEGAWA OPTO LEAF

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High flexibility ribbon fiber for short length outical connection

"Optaccess" delivers easy handling and various fiber arrangement.


  • High flexibility for short length optical connection
  • Good mechanical properties to distortion and bending
  • Low curling tendency and good wiring workability
  • Available with grass fiber, plastic optical fiber and special fibers(125 φ etc..).
  • Available for using low molecular siloxane vaporization type sillicone rubber in stead of normal sillicone rubber.

Code Optaccess

  • Ribbonize optical fiber codes.
    You can prevent incorrect wiring High-density type is ribbon fiber of any numbers by branched.


  • Optical fiber shuffles
  • Optical fan-outs or dropping cables branching at required positions
  • Flat bundles of dozens of optical fibers


Test Condition Performance
Twist Test Incremental twist by 180°
(JIS C 6838)
22 times
Flex Tst 180°
30mm radius
No physical damage
Optical loss change < 0.1dB
Removability of coating 100 times good
Temperature-Humidity Aging Test 85゜C、85%RH、2000hr No physical damage
Optical loss change < 0.001 dB/m
Temperature-Humidity Cycling Test -40 to 70゜C、up to 80%RH、 200 cycles No physical damage
Optical loss change < 0.003 dB/m

Data in this table are measured values in our measurement system, and not guaranteed values.
The contents in this table may be changed without notice as a result of product improvement.


Branching at any position in available.
Fan-out type branching at any position in work sites is also available.

Aveilable from two-fibers to over 100-fibers.
You can make your thinking count ribbon fiber by branching from this high-count type ribbon.

More efficient in the installation process.
We can castomize your request.
You don'tworry about optical loss cause of drawing optical fiber with regularity in the area of the shaffle.

We can change the pitch conversion between fibers.
You can set our ribbon fiber into V groove cause of sillicone rubber streching.

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