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Refractive Index Matching Film Fit Well TOMOEGAWA OPTO LEAF

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Film Type Refractive Index Matching Material

Fit Well is a refractive index matching film used for optical connection.


Compared to the current refractive index matching materials, film type matching material ''Fit Well'' has these distinguished features.

  • No flowing out and no pollution
  • Easy in supplying prescribed volume to optical fiber edge and ferrule surface
  • Excellent in handling
  • Strong adhering to optical fibers and ferrule surface
  • Possible to hold optical connection stable

1 Fit Well Sheet

optics ( ex.optical waveguides) connection or edge protection

You can select three type Fit Well Sheet for your particular needs and applications

Type FW1-20 FW205-0515 FW208-1010
Adhesive Strong Weak Non-adhesive
Repeatability NO OK OK

2 Fit Well for Optical Silica bare Fiber

optical fibers connection or optical fiber’s end protection
  • You can put on Fit Well only to the edge of sillica bare fiber.
    You can insert the fiber into a hole or V groove,easily.
【System】Fit Well application system for connector manufacture
This system is composed of specialized Fit Well dispenser device and driving software,
  and designated Fit Well solutions.
【Features】Comparison vs Gel type connector
Improving data transmission stability
Repeatability of connection on site which reduces error rate of on site connection
Improving durability of fiber connection 

* The pictures of connector example are provided by courtesy of Fujikura Ltd..

3 Fit Well for optical fiber connector / Fit Well Stick

Optical fiber connector(MT,MPO,MPX,SC,LC etc..) ferrule.

Pieces of Fit Well previously cut in an each connector's size.

Easy handling to attach Fit Well to connector's end face.

  • Stability the condition of optical connection.
  • Repeatability of inserting and removing.


Test Measuring Condition Result
Insertion Loss(1550nm) SC Connector Connection Insertion Loss:< 0.10dB
MT Connector Connection(8 Optical fibers) Insertion Loss:< 0.15dB
Return Loss(1550nm) SC Connector Connection <-40dB(-40~80℃)
MT Connector Connection(8 Optical fibers) <-40dB(-40~80℃)
Temperature cycle test Temperature range:-40℃~80℃
500 Cycles(SC Connecter using)
Loss Change < 0.05dB
High temperature and High humidity aging test 85℃85%RH 1000hrs
(SC Connecter using)
Loss Change < 0.08dB

Conditions:Single mode optical fiber used. Film thickness 25μm.

Data in this table are measured values in our measurement system and not guaranteed values. They depend on optical fiber type and the shape of optical fiber edge.

The contents in this table may be changed without notice as a result of product improvement.

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